Always innovating, focusing on good practices and continuous process improvement.

ROCHA always seeks the most appropriate solutions for information management using first class control software in all of the group’s companies. The objective is to meet the legal requirements of Brazilian Customs and other government agencies related to the sector, as well as to ensure the integrity, availability and reliability of information and total asset security during all stages of cargo clearance and operations involving customer products and inventories.

Some business intelligence, management control and automation systems have been acquired and enhanced by collaborating with the world's top software companies.Business Intelligencehave been acquired and enhanced through partnerships with the best software companies in the world.

To meet even more personalized and rapid demands, in some situations specific system solutions were developed and implemented thanks to ROCHA's own Information Technology team.

As a result, the group today is operationally capable to take quick and direct action in problem solving. In turn, our customers have the ability to track all cargo cases step by step online, including scheduling uploads through the web. on-line todas as etapas dos processos, inclusive o agendamento de carregamentos via WEB.

Click here and access Brazilian Customs

Click here and access Brazilian Customs

Click here and access Brazilian Customs