Who we are

We are committed to the values of the company.

For over 155 years, we have built our history on professional ethics as well as acknowledging the dedication of our collaborators and continuous support from our customers resulting in recognition as one of the main and most modern port logistic company’s in the country.

Thanks to a wide array of services attending to port logistics as well as intermodal port facilities; we have become renowned for our cargo handling services. We attend to both liquid and solid bulk cargo handling services, import and export mode, steel products, cellulose, general container cargo, big bags as well as project cargo attending via one of our units or with one of our shareholder partners (Cattalini, FullPort, Vanzin and COPI).

Additional services are offered with a focus on integrated logistical solutions such as cargo operations management and customs brokerage. Our team is highly specialized and attend to each operation with solid values and compliance by conducting each operation in a tailor made manner taking into account the requirements and standards of our principals.

Among our main activities We would like to highlight as follows:

» Import export port operation services for liquid and solid bulk cargo, project cargo, cellulose and general cargo;

» Warehousing and cargo handling of solid bulk export cargos (soybeans, maize, meal) and solid bulk import cargos (barley, malt, fertilizers, salt, wheat) attending customs bonded warehouses as authorized by the Brazilian health regulatory agency (Anvisa) (medicines, cosmetics, provisions) in addition to general cargo warehouses;

» Port operation and tankage for liquid bulk cargos (vegetable oils, chemicals and petroleum products;

» Stuffing and storage of solid bulk in big bags;

» Customs brokerage of import and export cargos;

» Cargo handling;

» Customs brokerage of import and export cargos;

» National and International Intermodal Transport.

We are present at main world renowned ports such as Paranaguá – PR, São Francisco do Sul – SC, Rio Grande – RG and Itaqui – MA, offering first class services in line with high operation standards focusing on production, efficiency, health and safety practices.

Throughout this website you will be able to know us better. Welcome to Rocha!

Our Mission:

To exceed our customers expectations by offering the best logistic solutions through constant investment in people and process development.

Our Vision:

To be a national reference brand and leader in integrated port logistic solutions, resulting in added value for our customers, employees and shareholders.

Our Values:

• Ethics;
• Commitment to the needs of our customers and employees;
• Creativity and simplicity;
• Quality in the execution of our services;
• Respect and environment conservation;
• Teamwork;
• Transparency and effective communication

Política do Sistema de Gestão Integrado SGI

Praticar e difundir os conceitos de gestão da qualidade, meio ambiente, saúde e segurança ocupacional a todos os nossos colaboradores, parceiros de negócios e prestadores de serviços, proporcionando um ambiente adequado para o crescimento e desenvolvimento sustentável da Companhia e de todos os envolvidos em nosso contexto operacional. Atender aos requisitos dos clientes e legais, melhorando continuamente os processos, aumentando a eficiência operacional, protegendo o meio ambiente através da redução dos impactos ambientais, a preservação da integridade da saúde e segurança das pessoas envolvidas na nossa operação, eliminando os acidentes e doenças ocupacionais. Propiciar, dentro dos princípios elencados, um retorno justo e seguro ao capital investido dos acionistas.



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Come and join the winning team of ROCHA.
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Come and join the winning team of ROCHA.
Click here and know our history!