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Modernizing to be competitive. Pioneering and always maintaining awareness of opportunities.

ROCHA's entrepreneurial DNA is present in the company's profile from its founders. It was the entrepreneurial attitude focused on the future and the development of national logistics, with a keen eye on opportunities that led ROCHA to gain such high recognition.

The company is included in the “The 500 Largest South” yearbook of Amanhã magazine, 2017 edition (base 2016), in the 57th position in the state of Paraná, and 137th in the South region of the country. In the same publication, Catallini (one of ROCHA's invested companies) was ranked 86th in the state of Paraná, and 237th in the South region of the country. Combining ROCHA's results with its partners, in proportion to its shareholding, ROCHA is among the 100 largest companies in the southern region of Brazil.

In an issue of Exame magazine, ROCHA is mentioned among the 100 fastest-growing companies in the last three years. This recognition is even more relevant when considering that the listing also includes startups in the market, which usually grow exponentially with a short lifespan. ROCHA's activities date back to over 155 years, which represents a significant solidity, merit and market continuity.

The company was founded by the great visionary Bento Munhoz da Rocha, who later turned his focus to politics and became governor of the state of Paraná therefore handing management over to the Cominese Family, who undertook the challenge with attention to opportunities. The company grew from generation to generation within the Cominese family, with entrepreneurial leaders such as Mr. Manfredo Cominese, responsible for consolidating ROCHA in ports through the acquisition of strategic and interesting assets for ROCHA's business, a fundamental step for the consolidation of the company as an icon in the domestic Brazil wide logistics market.

The company is currently under the fifth generation of the family in joint management of ROCHA (two generations of the Rocha family and three of the Cominese family). When the brothers Hélio and João Gilberto Cominese took over the management of the company, it was already prominent in the markets where it operated, with international recognition.

In 2010, another key step was taken: the then Angra Partners (current ANGRA INFRA) acquired a 40.58% stake in ROCHA's share capital. The acquisition funds contributed to the company for further investments in the consolidation of a robust shareholder-approved Business Plan, whose main objective was to accelerate growth and consolidate ROCHA as a first class Brazil wide player.

Five priority projects were defined in this Business Plan: Import Bulk, carried out in 2012; Export Bulk (in two stages, the first being completed in 2017), both in Paranaguá; expansion of the Dry Port in São Francisco do Sul (SC), carried out in 2013; entry into the liquid bulk segment, carried out in 2011 with the acquisition of 50% of Cattalini's capital storage. Finally, projects that ensure the geographical expansion of the company, such as the inauguration of the unit in Rio Grande (RS), in 2022, and the previous acquisitions of equity interest in COPI, in São Luís (MA) and in FullPort, in São Francisco do Sul (SC)

The funding for the implementation of the Solid Export Bulk cargo project, the last in the 2010 Business Plan, came with the cooperation of BNDESPAR, a wholly owned subsidiary of BNDES investing in ROCHA's share capital and in 2015 acquired 17.86% equity interest.

Currently, the Cominese family, through the RTP investment collaborator, is a partner of ROCHA with 41.98%. ANGRA INFRA holds 40.17% of the capital and BNDESPAR has a capital percentage of 17.86%. ROCHA, also acting as a holding de investimentos operacionais, detém 50% de participação no capital social da Catallini; 28,33% na FullPort e 50% na COPI.

With an aggressive and sustainable growth strategy, in addition to being an operating company by nature, ROCHA acts as an operational holding company for investments, which continues to grow always attentive to market opportunities and contributing to the development of the Brazilian economy. Ethically, without giving up quality, with transparency, respecting all stakeholders. With humility and hard work we continue to grow, differentiate and diversify !

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